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The only legally Type Approved grooming converter in the UK

As the only legally Type Approved grooming converter in the UK, our conversions are built to the strictest quality controlled standards and have passed stringent testing to become VCA Type Approved. 
VCA Approval costs in excess of £35,000 for converters to achieve the strict protocols set by the Government body to ensure all approved companies are building to the highest possible quality standards with complete continuity of production and we have achieved this on all of our product ranges. We have been VCA Approved for over 6 years and continue to excel in our annual inspections. Our approval gives our customer confidence in the product they are purchasing and reassures International customers who are unable to visit us, that our product's quality and build standards are unwavering.
Wet Pets are also fully ISO 9001 Quality Approved.
We are the only grooming converter in the World to use our revolutionary insulated panel that Wet Pets Managing Director invented in 1986. This products incredible thermal and waterproofing ability allowed us to quickly become the leading vehicle converter on the market, and we have led the market for the last 27 years. The amazing built in properties of this lining allow you create a 100% waterproof , fully insulated, sound minimising lining. The panels have also passed Building Regulations allowing us to create our fabulous range of single and multi-storey grooming parlours. 
We believe our grooming conversions remain un-paralleld in the industry. Not only because of our 27yrs experience and unbeatable build quality, but because our conversions have been tried, stringently tested and approved by the leading converter regulation authorities.
We do not build these "at home in a garage" like many competitors do - passing off a poorly lined vehicle as an "insulated lining" that when investigated is nothing more than a plastic wall panel.
We have had many of our competitors conversions brought into us by customers who initially spent a fortune on them and are now asking us to fix, repair and refurbish them because they have started to go mouldy, leak and come apart after only a few months use!
We occupy vast factories in the South West of England to facilitate our Nationwide Customer base. You can rest assured that your vehicle will remain safe with us for the duration of its conversion as we have a secure CCTV covered parking area for over 150 vehicles and can have up to £250,000 worth of vehicles in at any one time.
Each vehicle lining is computer modelled to exactly fit the vehicle and is fitted by a team of highly skilled engineers who hand build our mobile grooming conversions to perfection.
Once you buy a Wet Pet's conversion, you won't settle for anything but.

Why are we different?

We don't waste your time supplying you with "paper aprons" and "fire extinguishers" - items that cost you nothing to buy yourself. We focus on saving you money in the most important areas - the expensive grooming equipment, a professional vehicle lining of the highest build quality, combined with items that you really need.

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10 Year Guarantee with our products.We're proud to be 2015 Sponsor of Groom Team England.We're VCA Registered