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Our conversions are like nothing else in the industry.

The revolutionary thermal capabilities combined with super strength light weight properties are the result of over 29yrs of design and thousands of pounds invested into product research to create a lining like no other. With Competitors continually trying to imitate our products, often promoting a "Wet Lay Fibre glass" lining with similar merits to our conversions, there are no similarites. A Wet Pets Conversion stands in a class of it's own.

The History of our lining:

Pet Grooming Vans The most important factor in any mobile grooming van, parlour and trailer is the insulated, waterproof lining of the structure. In 1986 Wet Pets current Managing Director identified the constant problems arising from the outdated Wet Lay Fibre Glass tehniques used by our competitors. Using an Engineering background and investing heavily into research, he succeeded in designing a revolutionary structually insulated panel, which we use today in our Wet Pets conversions.


So what is the Wet lay Fibreglass Technique some of our competitors use?

With Wet Lay fibreglass techniques, heavy timber frames are built into the vehicle where plywood is attached, and then Rock Wool or foam is then added for insulation.  Often this falls to the base during construction due to gravity, leaving areas un-insulated. Fibreglass matting is then added and painted on over the top.This method is the quickest, but also the cheapest way of insulating a vehicle using fibreglass. Not only are these linings extremely heavy due to the wood and liquids utilised costing you money in fuel, but also the insulation is often unequal and a texture is left by the fibre glass strands where bacteria can collect. Tiny "Pin Holes" frequently form where water and bacteria get through the lining into the cavity behind. The Timber frame and plywood behind the fibreglass also starts to rot and degrade over time especially with any moisture allowed in through Pin Holes.


Why our Insulated Panels are different, and their Advantages. 

Our Panels are the only one of their kind where 100% equal insulation can be guaranteed in a completely water proof interior. They have undergone numerous independant tests by authorities where it has outshone it's rivals. Our Conversion was recently tested in a Cambridge test centre where it was placed in a sealed chamber down to minus 25 Degrees, where it passed effortlessly. The conversion is also the only VCA Government Type Approved Grooming Lining in the UK and is fully iso9001 Quality Certified. This is why our linings have earnt their title as Industry Leaders.

The panels structural integrity allow them to be self supportive, so no internal wooden frames are needed - in fact they are so structurally stable we also make multi storey buildings out of them! They are 100% waterproof and have a bright white gloss finish with zero texture for easy cleaning. They are incredibly light weight, which translates directly into £££ of savings on fuel, and unlike wet lay fibreglass, they can be fully removed at the end of the vehicles life (with no damage to the existing van) and re-fitted into your new van.  So bascially - you can take your Lining with you!

The strengh is produced by our rigid build continuously bonded, fully inter-locking joints providing high impact strength with no seams or fixings and each panel can be made up to 10m. All panels are made onsite allowing us optimum quality control from start to finish. Each converison is so waterproof you could fill the whole loadspace up with water like a bath and there would zero possibility that moisture can ever get behind the lining.

Our Pet Grooming Vans Use The Best Materials And Finishes We don't do just Pet Grooming Vans we have parlours as well Colour the lining of your Pet Grooming Van however you like  



The Future of Insulated conversions.

When our insulated panel was released it took the industry by storm and won several Innovation Awards. Due to its success the company then branched into several sectors of industries where the panel became a revolution and a group of companies were formed all under one large family roof! We have separate companies which specialise in buildings made from our panels and other  companies which produce thermally insulated conversions for Supermarkets Home Delivery vehicles, The innocent Drink co, Coca Cola, McLaren Racing Team, The NHS, the Ministry of Defence and the RNLI to name but a few! - all due to our Groups unbeatable quality of build and the panels incredible properties.

The Wet Pets Conversion continues to pave the way in technical innovation, providing groomers with a revolution in Mobile Grooming. We work closely with the leading names in the Grooming industry to ensure our products continually provide our customers with the best salons on the market.


 Packages tailored to you...

From just providing our Revolutionary insulated lining, through to a complete luxury grooming van conversion, we can do as much or as little as you like. We can even make improvements to your existing grooming conversion.Knowing that our clients range from a student just starting out in the industry all the way to a successful mobile grooming franchise with a fleet of vans, we aim to cater for all budgets and requirements.Each conversion can be tailored to exactly fit your needs and budget.

We can even sub in your own equipment and fit it for you. Please see below our Starter and Deluxe packages.


Wide Range of Pet Grooming Vans.

Unlike many of our competitors, we aren't limited to certain vehicle types - we can build on any make or model of van/ chassis, second hand or new, big or small. Don't already have a van? - No problem! We can source a van or chassis for you at fantastic dealer fleet discount, complete with a finance package if needed.

Please select one of our Grooming Van Packages below.


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Big or Small - We're not restricted to any one van Competetive Prices - Cheaper than our competitors Finance Packages - Available with vans, trailers and conversions

10 Year Guarantee with our products.We're proud to be 2015 Sponsor of Groom Team England.We're VCA Registered