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G:Room Grooming Parlours


We have been creating our industry leading Grooming Parlours since 1986 and they are like nothing else in the industry. Built from our Revolutionary insulated water proof panel and hand made onsite, each parlour provides you with a purpose built professional grooming salon with unrivalled bebefits - saving the costs and hassel of having to alter a wooden garden room to suit, only for it to rot and degrade in just a few years.
Our pods are 100% composite so will never rot or rust and with their incredible 60+ year lifespan they will last you your entire career and beyond. They even include an incredible 10 year structural warranty!
Work from the comfort of your own garden instead of having to rent a retail premises  - and when you move home, just take it with you! 






Check out our fabulous new 2021 standard door set up complete with opening side windows in every new Bespoke & Deluxe conversion! 



Introducing the G:Room Pod!

The G:Room pod range is our incredible new range of grooming rooms with the same amazing benefits of our famous Wet Pets Parlours but suitable for every budget! Here's just a few of the benefits...

  • Handmade onsite from our own Revolutionary composite panel.
  • Zero maintenance required & completely rot free.
  • Provide unrivalled levels of insulation, sound proofing and are completely waterproof.
  • 10 Year Build Warranty.
  • An expected life span of over 60+ years!
  • No concrete foundations required - just a solid level base.
  • Never normally require any Planning permission due to their size and portability.
  • Fully Double Glazed with a wide choice of door options available. 
  • Unique white gloss "Wet Room" interior with a texture free wipe clean finish that can be completely hosed or jet washed out.
  • Zero joins due to one piece panel walls for maximum strength, portability,weather proofing and longevity.
  • Completely self contained and simply plug into the mains electric via the 25m cable for a standard 16amp electric circuit (or upgrade to 64amp if more power is required), and plug your hose pipe onto the outside hose lock provided for the water supply. If a hose pipe is not available we can install interior fresh water tanks and external waste water tanks.
  • Fully portable and can be moved an unlimited amount of times.
  • Wet Pets are fully FCA regulated and Finance can be arranged on all sizes and conversions.
  • Each g:room is fully customisable to your garden in terms of size and the water in/out and electric ports tailored to fit your garden.
  • Unlimited external finishes available, from standard white GRP to Treated wood cladding or our brand new Wood Effect fibre glass cladding that looks just like wood but will never age or require maintenance.
  • Can be supplied as building only or fully kitted out with unlimited extras - we can even for your own equipment for you!
  • Assistance can be provided with delivery, we work with local delivery companies who we can put you in touch with for a quotation or you are welcome to organise your own transport.


Prices from only £3,850+vat!    Scroll down further for prices...



Check out our new Pitched Roof design below!






Our incredible Insulated water proof g:rooms allow you to have a fully functioning professional work place wherever you want to work! - and if you want to move it? no problem! They are completely portable and can be moved an unlimited amount of times.

Our new 360° Table access allows you to move your table anywhere in the parlour! - Its ideal for getting older dogs out of the bath too to save you lifting them onto the table! The wheels lock into position during the groom and the table stows under a retainer with additional shoot bolts to safely lock it in place during any movement of the pod. If your working near the open doors, ensure you have the dog adequately secured to the table (unlike our dog Spartacus pictured!).

With the addition of our Doggy Door Guards, you can either work with both main doors open OR close the door nearest to your customer incase they may try to escape! and open the opposite door whilst bringing our door guard across to create a lovely open but secure workplace.

Our wall mounted Blasters are fitted with extra long hoses enabling you to reach the bath and the table easily. If a cabinet is chosen, we can mount the Blaster inside and display the controls on the outisde of the cabinet for super easy adjustability. When your finished, simply feed the hose back through into the cupboard to keep things neat and tidy! 


Electric: The Pods with or without the Hydrobaths are completely self contained and simply plug into a normal mains socket via the 25m cable provided. The electrics are fully certified and include an RCD Box. As standard you get x1 16 AMP circuit that provides 3,120watts and includes 3 double sockets - you can choose the locations of these or go for our standard locations. If there is more than one Groomer looking to work from the Pod or you would like to use over 3,120 watts at any one time then we recommend increasing the electrics to 64amp which needs hard wiring the Pod to your house via the connection we can provide. On our more comprehensive packages a choice of the Hydrobath or Stainless Steel bath is included. The Hydrobath option includes a 16amp supply which includes a hook up cable and plugs directly in your house (can be upgraded to 64amp if more power is required), the Stainless steel bath option includes a 64amp supply (as its uses more power) and will need to be wired into your house by a standard electrician.

Water in ; As standard, water in is provided via a hose lock connection on the outside. A normal garden hose is connected and the water will go straight into the rinse tank of the Hydrobath. The flow is controlled via a ball cock in the bath for automatic re-fil and the prevention of water overflow. In the rinse tank is a built in heating element which heats the water. If you are unable to attach a garden hose permanently then we can create an interior water tank which can be filled once a week (or less) which will fill the bath instead of the hose.

Waste water: This is held in the “wash” tank of the Hydrobath and is emptied when you need to. Its normally only approx 30 litres maximum as the hydro baths are so effective you actually use less water. When you want to empty it you turn the drain lever to “open” and the water is piped out of the Pod to an external side of your choice. This can then be piped to a location of your choice - due to the natural ingredients in dog shampoo a lot of customers redirect it to a flower bed or soak away/ external drain. If you are unable to drain the water away we can fit an external waste water holding tank that can be emptied separately.

Delivery; Price excludes delivery but we work with some local delivery companies that we can put you in touch with for prices. Our Parlours are extremely light but strong and can easily be moved every day if they need to be. For hard to reach areas we advise them to be craned in and due to their unique design they do not need concrete footings.



"A MASSIVE thank you to everyone at Wet Pets for my fantastic new grooming parlour! It’s even better than I could have imagined. I went for the smaller parlour and it has been so well designed that it is surprisingly spacious inside even with all my additional equipment in place. The external wood effect cladding gives it an extra special finish and everyone who has seen it has been blown away by how smart and professional it looks. The Wet Pets customer service has been second to none, with nothing being too much trouble. I would highly recommend a Wet Pets parlour to anyone wishing to set up a dog grooming business from home - you won't find anything better!" 

Jessica Tucker, Owner at Completely Mutts, Devon.  Check out our other testimonials..


Or Have your Pod vinyl wrapped in any image you like!






Please see our prices below - from a standard building with electrics and lighting to a full grooming salon, we can provide it all...

Every g:room is built from our Revolutionary insulated and sound/waterproof panel but you can hand pick what goes into pod. Interior floor colours and external capping can be any colour you like and the standard external finish is white gloss GRP.


Pod Prices 


Wet Pets Pod only package: 

This package is perfect for those who would like a professional workspace with all the benefits of a Wet Pets pod but would like to customise it from scratch. This package includes our revolutionary fully insulated waterproof structure inside and out - providing benefits you won't find in any other structures of their kind. 

Also includes:

  Unlimited size options are available, please call us for a bespoke size. Finance Available on all options.





Wet Pets Bespoke conversion:

This package is perfect if you would like all of the important bits of equipment but without too many extras. Individual extras can be added or removed from each package if required. This package includes our revolutionary fully insulated waterproof structure inside and out - providing benefits you won't find in any other structures of their kind. 

Also includes:


  Unlimited size options can be offered, please call us for a bespoke size. Finance Available on all options.




By far our most popular package, the Deluxe conversion has every angle covered. A luxurious but practical salon, this conversion provides you with a fully insulated, water proof working area with all the latest mod cons, you simply just need to add some clippers and your customer!


 Unlimited size options can be offered, please call us for a bespoke size. Finance Available on all options.








Fancy something a little different? No problem! Aside from our standard g;room sizes we can build a huge range of different designs to exactly fit your needs and please see some examples below...








Each Parlour is made using a unique process, panels are made in one piece upto a maximum size of 10 x 3.5m, this reduces the number of joints needed ensuring a structurally stable, lightweight, watertight and strong structure with unbeatable thermal properties.



Buildings can be completely pre-made and simply craned into place - subject to sizes and access, resulting in minimal disruption to your home.

  • Made from our Revolutionary PanelsPet Grooming Parlour Conversions

  • Unbeatable thermal qualities

  • Superb sound insulation

  • Normally no planning permission required* (*Depending on size & location)

  • No concrete foundation required

  • Delivered complete & portable

  • Can be easily moved

  • 10 Year warranty

  • Built to any size & specification




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